About Us

Who We Are

Mobile Network Boosters is a company specialized in the provision of Wireless Coverage Enhancement solutions to both Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), corporations, and individuals. Created in 2021 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, we aspire to partner with local mobile operators and institutions in need of our solutions and bring much needed cost effective connectivity solutions especially in the outskirts and provinces of major cities

Cities are experiencing huge transformations in the form of high-rise buildings as well as huge infrastructures which prevent the smooth propagation of mobile signals to end-users and vice-versa. In some semi-urban or rural areas, some homes are deprived of the mobile signal due to hills (as is the case with Freetown), trees, and forest parks, or simply because they find themselves at the edge of the signals from the Base Stations of the operators. Aware of all these prevailing challenges which result in loss of revenue for the MNOs and frustration on the part of the end-users who are unable to make calls due to poor coverage Mobile Network Boosters aims to position itself as the partner of choice committed to ensuring seamless and ubiquitous network to end-users and by so doing improving the dwindling revenues of MNOs.

Our Mission & Vision


We aim to constantly seek better ways of improving the communication experience of mobile end-users by providing cost effective and innovative coverage and capacity solutions.



To stand out as one of the key players in the provision of Coverage Enhancement Solutions to any community where we serve

Core Value

In an ever-changing industry such as the telecoms, guiding us as we go about our daily activities is a set of values which we all pledge to adhere.

Customer Centric

Bearing in mind that the very essence of doing business is keeping your customer satisfaction, we will start our day by ensuring that our customers are at the center of all our daily plans. It is all about keeping them happy.


When dealing with our clients, we are never stiff with ideas so long as our values are not compromised in the process.

Innovation and Excellence

The telecoms being the most dynamic of all industries nowadays, we constantly seek better ways of serving our client by investing on training and development of our people and processes.


We commit to be as open as possible to all stakeholders of our business: our clients, the regulatory authorities, our communities and our shareholders.


We are unconditionally committed to every project or process we embark to ensure agreed upon KPIs are achieved.

Our Commitment

Unlike others, we do not sell products, rather, we sell customized solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of each and every client. Over the years, Operators and end-users have suffered the fate of equipment “dumping” by vendors who from far-off places in the world, sell their products and never ensure they are properly installed to ensure client satisfaction, post installations. We at Mobile Network Boosters pledge to accompany you all through the life cycle of our solutions. Our solutions cover all contemporary technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G) and are equally designed with future innovations in mind. Also, Mobile Network Operators and TowerCos are constantly under pressure to cut down their CapEx as well as OpEx by outsourcing most of their engineering services such as Sites Build, Maintenance as well as coverage and capacity enhancement, in a bid to remain competitive while maintaining a healthy bottom-line as a business. Aware of these prevailing challenges faced by these MNOs and TowerCos, Mobile Network Boosters Limited aims to position itself as the partner of choice committed to accompanying them as they roll out, maintain and optimize their network while at the same time, ensuring the end-users are properly covered in terms of coverage and quality of service..

Quality Delivery

We do not cut corners in the delivery of our services. We rigorously follow industry standards and practices and ensure our solution meets your expectations.

100% Refund Policy

If we fail to deliver due to some technical or environmental difficulty, we will refund you 100%. There are no hidden processing fees, and we will remain as transparent as possible in the process.

Warranty & On-going Support

Our products all come with a 1-year warranty when installed and commissioned by our engineers. We focus on service over products and spare no effort in ensuring you derive value from your investment. We achieve this by offering 24/7 support.

Health & Safety, Environment & Quality Policies

Health & Safety

The Management of Mobile Network Boostersis committed to putting in place all measures necessary for the protection of all workers, sub-contractors, visitors and members of the public in realizing their daily activities.
In order to realize this commitment, we shall determinedly provide a healthy and safe workplace by respecting and adhering to industry standards and complying with occupational health and safety regulations


We acknowledge and recogniz the importance of environmental protection and will comply with all environmental regulations, legislations and international standards in place to protect the environment. We shall co-operate and maintain a positive relationship with all regulatory authorities with respect to environmental protection.


Providing quality services is important to us because we value our customers. We shall provide our customers with products and services which meet or exceed their prospects.
To realize the above we have created a Quality Management System which provides a medium for measuring and improving our performance.

Our Partners