CCTV Solutions

CCTV Solutions

Our CCTV Solutions are not any ordinary CCTVs as they come with a touch of class in introducing: Artificial Intelligence to help customers have real time security alerts                             

Options to have customers trigger their Alarms from afar to prevent intrusion or theft by giving the customers a smart configuration of a GSM controller unit coupled with a 12V DC siren.

The beauty about our solution is that you don’t need to have a smart phone for this configuration. It’s all at a click of your fingers in-spite of the phone you are using.

We use some of the finest brands in the market such as HIK, DAHUA, SONY, UNV etc.

Nowadays, our community are becoming more and insecure requiring that we reinforce our security.

Mobile Network Boostersis here to secure your assets and families.

Our Workflow


Engineering Site Survey

This is the very first stage of our intervention as part of a solution to our client’s complaint. We visit our client’s site to gather preliminary information as well as well as establish the facts which will be analysed thereafter.


Design & Commercial Proposal

Based on the information gathered during surveys, a technical design / proposal is made with a simulation of what is expected (KPIs) after our solution is implemented. This technical and commercial proposal is submitted to our client for appreciation & eventual validation for implementation.


Implementation & Commissioning

The designed solution is implemented and commissioned as per the proposal submitted to the client. This is the most important stage and here we ensure that no stone is left unturned in providing.


After Sales Support

To ensure that the Total Cost of Ownership of our solutions are maintained to minimal levels, we will ensure that post installation and commissioning, we offer 24/7 maintenance support. This will create a lasting bond between us and our clients and gives them the peace of mind they need.